Who Do You Want to Thank?


I woke up this morning with this question.

A lot of people came to mind, though one stuck out for this moment. I want to thank my friend Boris. He and his (now) wife were a huge part of why the trip through Siberia on motorcycles was incredible. We all bonded deeply.

When we returned to the US, he invited me to stay with them in San Francisco. He insisted that I stay in his guest room.

Prior to this, I would always get a hotel. I wanted my own personal space. I didn’t want to intrude. Most of all, I didn’t want to be a burden – something I had worried about a lot.

After a bit of convincing, I decided to stay with them. That choice changed me. Staying with them gave us a lot of random times together that we wouldn’t have otherwise had. It allowed us to stay up late talking and laughing. It allowed us to have casual coffee together in the morning. It allowed him to give. It allowed me to receive.

That may sound like something small. Perhaps to him it was. For me, it has had ever increasing rewards. The I can’t count the number of friends that I have stayed with since. Each time it has allowed us to enjoy casual time together and to build deeper relationships.

It also taught me to be a better host and to enjoy inviting people to stay with me. Allowing me to give. Allowing them to receive.

Boris – thank you dearly, my friend. That small gesture has had a profound impact upon my life. I love you. I love Kate. I hope you are well, my friends.

– – –

Who do you want to thank? Take time now to do it.

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