Getting Ploughed released!

Commitment achievement unlocked!!

The first episode of Getting Ploughed (part of Project Liberation) has been released and the next two are scheduled!

This first episode turned out completely unplanned. A call to discuss the name and purpose of the show with Winston turned into someone (maaaaaaybe it was me?) delving into his past. And “that person” may have also cried. A lot.

Winston then expertly guided me to find and embrace a part of my childhood. For those of us who have unresolved emotions, this is the process of integrating an emotional experience in real-time.

We also share our philosophies on challenging times and how you can use these gifts to help the world.

YouTube – Getting Ploughed
Audio Podcasts:
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The next two episodes will be on Monday, Nov 16th, and Wednesday, Nov 18th. Times will be announced shortly as I hope to live-stream them.

The studio is coming together and if you want to come along for the process, I'm sharing it via daily stories on FB and IG.

Big Love and thank you for your care and support. And – whatever you happen to be going through, be gentle with yourself.

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