I am Listening

There is a lot of change in our world. It can be challenging and overwhelming.

I asked, how I can be of service? What is mine to do now?
I could create a space to listen and to seek to understand you.

A space where you can share what needs to be heard without feeling judged.
This is that space. A space for you to be heard.

There is no price. There is no upsell.
This is open to everyone.

My invitation is simple:

  • I will listen to the best of my ability.
  • I will seek to understand without judgement.
  • If it is helpful, you can ask my perspective.

If this would help you, then schedule a time for us to talk here: Calendly – I am Listening.

Note: I've launched the Getting Ploughed show. For now, these episodes are pre-recorded and I'm answering questions and challenges that people are facing. If you would like to share one that you'd like my take on, then message me on Twitter – @chrisplough. In the future, some episodes will be livestreamed, so you can post questions or dial-in to ask while protecting your privacy.

If you prefer handwritten notes or cards – you can send them to:
Chris Plough – I am Listening
c/o littleplow
514 Americas Way #3611
Box Elder, SD 57719-7600

If you would rather share something anonymously, I recommend (and have used) PostSecret. You can send them an anonymous postcard and get something off your chest.

If you are having suicidal thoughts or are depressed and are worried that you may become suicidal, please call someone now. Right now. If you don't have anyone to call, go to suicide.org now. Right now.

There is no shame in feeling this way. I experienced decades of depression and suicidal thoughts. I nearly took my own life. I know how hard it is to reach out and ask for help. I know the feeling of wanting it to end. I'm grateful that I didn't.

If you're not yet able to do this for yourself, do it for someone who loves you. If you don't believe anyone loves you, do it for me. While I may not know you, I do love you. I believe your life is valuable. I believe you have worth. Go to suicide.org now.

Until we meet, be well and Big Love.