About Me

Change is constant. Frontiers are malleable. The world is being made and remade right now. –Chris Plough

Pathfinders, Changemakers and Movementmakers.

Here is the mission – connect humanity by creating sustainable world change for Good. There are three steps to doing this:

  1. Create the engines of change via mission-driven startups. Learn more at ExponentialU.
  2. Evolve leaders to build and drive beautiful machines of change based on those engines. Learn more at AdventureX.
  3. Empower the world to realize that everyone is capable of becoming a driver, mechanic or pit-crew for those beautiful machines of change. (Announcement coming later this year.)

I explore what it means to be human to equip you for the world that is coming.

Want me to join your podcast or speak at your event? Drop me a line via the Contact page. For business or advisor opportunities, you can learn more about me via LinkedIn or AngelList.


Having succeeded in both realms, Chris Plough connects the art of inspiration with the business of execution while guiding the Explorers who will shape the frontiers of our world. He explores what it means to be human to equip you for the world that is coming.

As employee 13 at the logistics software startup, G-Log, he created the technical architecture for Oracle Transportation Management. After G-Log was acquired by Oracle, he founded MavenWire which became the premium OTM services company (consulting, training, hosting). With his team, he grew it into an 8-figure global company – kicking butt against multi-billion dollar competitors. Along the way, he returned to college and received his degree in Theatre Arts, Acting and Directing. After graduating, he created and completed a pseudo-graduate program in theatre design – lighting, set and multimedia. He is also known for his adventures, which started in 2010 when he drove an ambulance 10,000 miles from the UK to Mongolia. This became one of the greatest inflection points of his life. His businesses have won awards, he has a slew of technical certifications and his theatre designs have been recognized. His true measure, though, is in his reputation and the company that he keeps. And that laugh – that infectious laugh.

Chris sees a world where we are all alive and fulfilled. Free to own our story, build our tribe, choose our own path and make a fucking difference. With the recent acquisition of MavenWire, he is focusing on guiding Movement Makers through his writing and speaking while creating companies that empower them to take their Meaningful Message forward and create impact.

Chris is known for leaning hard against limits in order to enjoy a great story — from performing naked on a stage in front of hundreds, to trekking across Siberia and massive sub-zero temperatures on a motorcycle to reach the Arctic Circle. Whether spending an evening laughing with friends while playing cards or trekking across the globe in an absurd vehicle, he makes the most of every moment.