What I'm doing now.

Updated 20201016

Here is the mission – Liberate Humanity. That's a big mission. It begins on the personal level. One of us at a time. Together, growing exponentially. Waking a sleeping generation. My part of it is to help us know, accept and understand ourselves.

  1. Evolve leaders to build and drive beautiful machines of change. Learn more at AdventureX.
  2. Invest in companies and missions that lead toward a greater understanding of ourselves and in a deeper sense of belonging via the Human Liberation Fund.
  3. Share the stories, wisdom and tools that I've learned and of those I've come to trust over the last few decades.
  4. Create media, tools, and technologies that allow this to be available to each person, regardless of means or creed.
  5. Continue to find ways to collaborate and co-create, as I believe this is meant to be done together.

Here's what I'm up to:

  • I just finished writing “Revelations in the Gobi Desert” about one of my biggest inflection points – and the one that changed my life 10 years ago. A story of mourning, emotional connection, and deep lessons. It will be published as one of multiple stories in the book Ignite:Inner Spirit – coming out December 11th.
  • I've launched the show “Getting Ploughed” to share what I've learned over the last decade. Right now the show is pre-recorded (though uncut). Going forward, I intend for it to be livestreamed with a call-in number so we can interact live.
  • Right now I'm out in the country, working on my property in South Dakota. Using the process of working on the land and the house to center and process the next steps in a project I've been working on for a while. A project to help.
  • My meditations have gotten deeper than I expected. This has been a culmination of years of establishing a practice and seems to have been jumpstarted by my trip to 40 Years of Zen earlier this year. I can now understand why someone would willingly choose a life of meditation. While not always easy, it can bring a deep sense of serenity and unity that is hard to put into words.
  • With all that we are going through, I decided to open up time each week to listen to those that need to be listened to. If you feel unheard and need someone to liste, learn more here: I AM LISTENING
  • I wrote a letter from my heart to those who are in the depths of depression, feeling isolated and considering dark alternatives. Having been there, I want to plant the seed of hope that more is possible and illuminate a bit of the path. You can read it here: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
  • I had a revelation last week. For the first time, I felt genuine, unconditional love for myself. I have loved myself for a while, though realized that it was often conditional and tied to trust. Having been through this experience has allowed me to re-evaluate the human experience and how I believe we are emotionally constructed. The short version is that I used to believe that Trust was the fundamental unit of my universe. That which all else was built upon. Having experienced this, I've realized that unconditional love is a smaller, more elemental particle. Much more to share and explain. Just giving a very brief taste for now.

Here's what I've been up to over the past year or so:

  • My friend Mike and I raced motorcycles against world records at the World of Speed event at Bonneville Salt Flats! He blew 2 engines and now I need to rebuild mine due to a failure. Due to these issues, I didn't hit the speeds that I wanted (was aiming for at least 150mph) and that was disappointing. At the same time we learned a TON and met some incredible people. We enjoyed it so much that we're focusing on rebuilding his bike and going after some major records next year! Yeehaw!
  • Recently I returned from a motorcycle and hiking recce of Bhutan with Matt Prior. An incredible journey on multiple levels! Beautiful things in store after this…
  • I've taken the last few months to complete every commitment I've made to myself and others over the last 10 years and never made time for. With each one done I feel lighter, clearer and more in line with my integrity. Plenty of work to do here.

Here's some projects from the last year that I'm proud of:

  • This is my One Last Talk, where I share how dear friends and The List helped me escape decades of depression and suicide. You can listen to it here: -> My One Last Talk.
  • I can share the video from my Inbound Bold Talk -> From Empty to Full-Filled: Fueled by Meaning. The talk shares a difficult part of my history in order to help you choose the path of fulfillment and, in turn, fill yourselves up while making a difference. We can make the world better while being better to ourselves. BTW – I'm not saying it will be easy – I'm saying it will be worth it.
  • Matt Prior and I took a small, trusted, incredible group of entrepreneurs to Indonesia on an AdventureX experience. Here's a photo. Think of it as Adventure for Personal Exploration. (Want a taste? Check this video out.)
  • The BVI Art Reef (where I helped friends turn an old WWII Navy ship into a piece of art and one of the most engaging dive sites in the world) continues to get good press and recognition – AND survived the storms. A little ray of sunshine given the difficulty they are going through in rebuilding.
  • You can learn more here:

Here are some things I would like to do: My Bucket List