What I'm doing now.

Updated 20180913

Here is the mission – connect humanity by creating sustainable world change for Good. There are three steps to doing this:

  1. Create the engines of change via mission-driven startups. Learn more at ExponentialU.
  2. Evolve leaders to build and drive beautiful machines of change based on those engines. Learn more at AdventureX.
  3. Empower the world to realize that everyone is capable of becoming a driver, mechanic or pit-crew for those beautiful machines of change.

Here's what I'm up to:

  • I've taken the last few months to complete every commitment I've made to myself and others over the last 10 years and never made time for. With each one done I feel lighter, clearer and more in line with my integrity. Plenty of work to do here.
  • I just returned from a recce of Bhutan with Matt Prior. An incredible journey on multiple levels! Beautiful things in store after this…
  • Now, my friend Mike and I are each racing motorcycles against world records at the World of Speed event at Bonneville Salt Flats!

Here' what I've been up to:

  • I can share the video from my Inbound Bold Talk -> From Empty to Full-Filled: Fueled by Meaning. The talk shares a difficult part of my history in order to help you choose the path of fulfillment and, in turn, fill yourselves up while making a difference. We can make the world better while being better to ourselves. BTW – I'm not saying it will be easy – I'm saying it will be worth it.
  • Matt Prior and I took a small, trusted, incredible group of entrepreneurs to Indonesia on an AdventureX experience. Here's a photo. Think of it as Adventure for Personal Exploration. (Want a taste? Check this video out.)
  • The BVI Art Reef (where I helped friends turn an old WWII Navy ship into a piece of art and one of the most engaging dive sites in the world) continues to get good press and recognition – AND survived the storms. A little ray of sunshine given the difficulty they are going through in rebuilding.