What I'm doing now.

Updated 20160715

Here is the mission – connect humanity by creating sustainable world change for Good. There are three steps to doing this:

  1. Create the engines of change via mission-driven startups. Learn more at ExponentialU.
  2. Evolve leaders to build and drive beautiful machines of change based on those engines. Learn more at AdventureX.
  3. Empower the world to realize that everyone is capable of becoming a driver, mechanic or pit-crew for those beautiful machines of change. (Announcement coming later this summer.)

Here's what I'm up to:

  • I'm at Startupfest in Montreal, taking ExponentialU and the work we've been doing public.
    • It's been a pleasure working with James Wallace and James Tonn over the last year, getting ready for this point. I can't imagine better friends and partners for a venture of this scale and importance.
  • The BVI Art Reef (where I helped friends turn an old WWII Navy ship into a piece of art and one of the most engaging dive sites in the world) continues to get good press and recognition 😀