What I'm doing now.

Updated 20160310

Update: Our project (Dive the BVI Art Reef) has been featured in both the New York Times and Richard Branson's blog!! Woohoo!

I understand my path forward: to equip epic entrepreneurs for the world that is coming. I'm writing a book, speaking and founding ExponentialU to help accomplish this.

Here's what I'm up to:

  • I'm writing a book, distilling the key lessons that I've learned over the last decade which have brought me both success and fulfillment.
  • I'm headed down to the British Virgin Islands to get dirty! I'm helping to prepare an old Navy vessel to be sunk, in order to help sustain the reef, help marine biology research and create an underwater art installation. You can learn more here:
  • I've been on the road for several weeks, and along the way have:
    • Trained up at Heroic Public Speaking and caught up with friends in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
    • Supported my friends at One Last Talk and had strategy sessions with partners on one of the businesses that we're starting in Toronto.
    • Attended Taki Moore's Million Dollar Coach workshop to learn the frameworks he uses to better teach people (he's damn good at it) – in Santa Monica, CA.
    • Had an epic adventure and learned from Special Forces soldiers and Adventure Combat Ops, at an event hosted by Phil and American Dream U – in Las Vegas.
    • Spent Friendsgiving in Eden, Utah and had some of my favorite conversations this year with beautiful friends. Also got to see my sister and nephews.
    • Pondered my Legendary Legacy with Yanik and the Mavericks, while visiting Hawaii for the first time. Along the way, gained clarity on my Core Values, Tenets and Partner-in-Crime.
    • Spend a week out in Pennsylvania, spending time with entrepreneurs I enjoy, seeing old friends and following up on MavenWire post-acquisition.
    • Volunteered at the Maverick Family Freedom event as a mentor to some of the older kids. At midnight, several of us ran into the ocean and then spent several hours creating a dance party in a hotel lobby (really – they told us we could!) while dressed in our onsies. One of my best New Years!
    • Celebrated my 4oth year on this earth by raising money for DonorsChoose with my #PloughShare Birthday! Together we helped raise over $9000 to support over 6300 students!
    • Caught up with good friends in Austin.