CP’s 40th #PloughShare Birthday Partnering with DonorsChoose.org

Update: Look what we did!! We raised over $9000 to support 49 schools and help over 6300 students!! HELL YES! What an incredible birthday present!


Welcome to my #PloughShare Birthday! Damn – can you believe that I'm turning 40 soon? I can't… wait – yes I can!

Instead of receiving gifts this year, my birthday wish is to help high-need kids in public schools with Applied Learning.

Can you remember the moment when something just “clicked” and you understood how something you learned in school applied to your life? How it translated to the real world? That's Applied Learning. Imagine giving that gift to an amazing kid. Now let's do it!

Since I'm turning 40, please help by picking a classroom project from the list below and supporting them with a donation of $40 or whatever you can ($4, $400, $4000, etc.). Thank you in advance for your generosity – for being a part of my birthday wish — and more importantly, for helping these kids!

PRO TIP: If you donate over $50 to a project, you'll receive hand-written thank you notes from the kids in your classroom. Believe me – they will melt your friggin' heart! Like these:


How can your heart resist those faces? Here's how to help:

  1. Join my 40th birthday challenge by clicking here. This is truly one of my favorite charities.
  2. If you feel moved, please make a $40 tax-deductable donation or whatever you can ($4, $400, $4000, etc.) and change the lives of an entire classroom.
  3. Like and share this video so that we can gather even more support.

Making this even more fun!

To celebrate this beautiful birthday, I'm evolving #PloughShare and will be giving away some more stuff in the weeks leading up to January 18th. I'll update this page as I post them up to my Facebook page.

  1. [GIVE] My “Best Year Ever” Book Pack – The Five Minute Journal, Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind and The Great Expedition of Lewis and Clark.
  2. [GIVE] SPACE – Two Portable USB Hard Drives – 256GB and 1TB
  3. [GIVE] Super-Easy Video Sharing – Google Chromecast
  4. [GIVE] Watching Movies with Friends – Apple TV
  5. [GIVE] The Ability to Broadcast Yourself – Logitech Wireless Broadcaster and Logitech C615 USB Webcams
  6. [GIVE] A Creation Station – Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop with Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS
  7. [GIVE] The Ultimate Travel and Writer's Laptop – Apple Macbook Air 11′ *Pimped*

But wait – there's more!

I have a few more things up my sleeve – aaaaaand you'll have to wait to see them. ?  After all, what's a birthday without some surprises?

Until then, click here to donate $40, $4, $400, $4000 or whatever you can. Remember, this is tax-deductible so take advantage of it before December 31st!

Let's get this party started! ?


(P.S. A special shout out to Tim Ferriss for turning me on to Donor's Choose four years ago. It's meant a lot.)

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