INBOUND Bold Talk From Empty to Full-Filled


We exist in a unique point in time – a time of change. We found success, fueled by the corrosive elements of ambition and ego. We've flown high, yet many of us haven't found the fulfillment that we're looking for. Have you? For a decade, I explored the fringes of our world and met incredible leaders via epic adventures. All along the way, distilling lessons to equip us for the world that is coming. Step one: helping you convert to the sustainable fuel of fulfillment and meaning.

Some behind-the-scenes on this speech: I tried to give this a few years ago and failed. I wasn't emotionally ready, I didn't understand the lesson wanted to share and wasn't ready to stand on stage and earnestly give to an audience.

Though this isn't perfect, it is honest. I share a personal story of loss, finding myself through an adventure in Mongolia and the insight it's given me in how we can change our fuel and an actionable step you can integrate into your life.

I share this and encourage you to watch it because I understand what it feels like to be empty. To feel alone. I also know what's possible down the path of fulfillment. You don't have to hit rock-bottom before you decide to tread down that brighter path.

If you know someone who needs to hear this message now, please share.