Published! Revelation in the Gobi Desert (now a bestseller!)

I wrote Revelation in the Gobi Desert – the story of one of the most powerful days of my life. The days where I transitioned from being burnt-out and lost to choosing a new path of exploring meaning and purpose. The path that led me to where I am today.

Feeling lost and burnt out? I wrote this story against formidable odds because I believe it can help you too.

That story has been published and is available for free on Kindle Dec 11-13:

Here is how the story begins (on pg 102):

I am alone for the first time in 42 days. Lying on the floor in the back of Volga, a hulk of an ambulance spray painted in fluorescent rainbow colors. The engine has seized, and I’m stuck on the only paved road I’ve seen for weeks in this desolate landscape within the Gobi Desert of central Mongolia. My friends have left. Dan is gone. Steve is gone. For the first time since we began this adventure, almost six weeks ago, I am surrounded by my own silence. It is suffocating. ...

There are incredible stories from other authors in this book, each as powerful, touching, and genuinely helpful as my own.

Big Love!


I honor you and I thank you. With your care and action, Ignite Your Inner Spirit went best-seller on Amazon in 6 countries and 15 different categories! (Can't you tell by the picture? Who's got two thumbs and is excited? THIS GUY!) I can also tell you that all of the other incredible authors are smiling as well!

While my face happens to be on this picture, it isn't just a trophy in my dusty ego case – rather a symbol that this book and the stories within it matter. Reaching #1 on these lists allowed more people to become aware of the book and to get it – allowing more people to be inspired – allowing more people to choose to take brave steps forward toward their dreams.

So in short – I honor and thank you for helping others to find the story they needed to take a brave step forward. And if that person happened to be you, then I double-dog-honor you. (Kinda like a double-dog-dare, but with more Love )

P.S. My birthday is coming up later this month. Thanks for the early present.  Should a particular story in this book truly impact you – I invite you to let me know which one and how. I will be celebrating by spending a week in Costa Rica intimately meeting the spirit of Mother Earth.

And – for my fellow data nerds – here are the lists we hit #1 in:

#1 in Happiness
#1 in Personal Growth & Inspiration
#1 in Happiness
#1 in Personal Transformation
#1 in Self-Help for Happiness
#1 in Self-Help for Personal Transformation
#1 in Personal Transformation
#1 in Foreign Language About Religion & Belief
#1 in Religion in Foreign Languages
#1 in Personal Development in Foreign Languages
#1 in Personal Development and Self-Help in English
#1 in Personal Transformation
#1 in Self-Help
#1 in Inner Child
#1 in Inspirational Personal Testimonies
#1 in Happiness
#1 in Personal Success & Spirituality
#1 in Spiritual Growth Self-Help
#1 in Personal Transformation & Spirituality
#1 in Self-Esteem Self-Help

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