For You (turn over)

FOR YOU (turn over)

(Note: Before continuing, do the following. Close your eyes and take a deeeeeeeep breath. Hold it for 4 seconds. Slowly let your breath out. If you are alone, continue reading below. If you are with someone, keep your eyes closed and have them read it to you.)

You open your eyes.

You stand before an old, wooden door with a satin nickel knob.

You take a deep breath.

You turn the knob and open the door.

You see a white bedroom.

You walk into it.

On your left is a blank wall and a desk. On your right is a textured fabric wall. Against the wall is a bed with a white down comforter and four white pillows. Next to the bed is a wooden nightstand with a mirrored top.

You walk over to the nightstand.

On the nightstand is an index card.

It says, “For You (turn over)”.

You wonder if it is really for you.

Deep down, you know that it is.

You get the sense that this is a message that has been waiting for you to find it. It has been waiting a while.

You know that it was left for you by someone who loves you. Someone who knows you well. Someone who sees you. Someone who cares for you.

You reach out and rest your hand on the index card. You feel both the warmth of the card and the coolness of the mirrored surface.

You pause for a second and feel a flutter of excitement run through your body.

You have been waiting for this message for a while.

You pick up the card.

You bring it up and hold it in both hands.

You take a deep breath.

You can feel your heart beating.

You know that you are ready to receive this message.

You turn the card over.

It says …..

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