Odd Things We Enjoy


One of my favorite things to do in the morning is to step out on my back porch, nearly naked with a cup of coffee and the clippers.

I sip the coffee and put it down on the railing.

I grab a can of Andis Cool Care, turn on the clippers and spray the blades. The sound goes from rrrrrrrr to reeeeeeee. I’m always surprised at how much faster they run when lubricated.

Then, I put the can down and close my eyes.

While basking in the sun, I proceed to buzz my head, face and neck.

I do it all by feel. Having over nearly two decades of practice.

I did learn, several years ago, to be careful when coming forward around the side of my head. Go a bit to far and bzzzzzzz – there goes part of an eyebrow.

When I’m feeling tired, I use my other hand to protect the old eyebrows. Keeping them away from careless blades.

When I’m done, I put the clippers down. I rub my hands all over my head and face to see if there’s anything missed. Sometimes there is and a quick buzz takes care of it.

Then I brush off my entire body, starting with my head and shoulders, working all the way down to my feet.

Leaving the clumps of hair on the faded wooden porch. Knowing the wind will blow it all away shortly. Easy clean-up.

Even in the winter. As long as the sun is out and it’s somewhere above 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Today it was about 15 and the sun is nearly blinding. Loved it!

I grab the coffee, take a few more sips and step inside to take a shower.

To release and allow to wash away all things that no longer serve me.

To feel renewed.

It’s a moment of peace and self care that I look forward to each week.

So my friends, what is something odd that you enjoy?

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