Urinal Inspiration


“Carpe That Fucking Diem”

This hangs in the urinal in The Playground (the media studio I built in Rapid City).

I hung it there as a reminder that we continually have the opportunity to seize our day. The path is simply to accept full responsibility for our choices – especially our responses to what happens.

When you drink as much water as I do, you pee a lot. And so I get to see it a lot. Consciously I am often aware of it.

Unconsciously it is always there, seeping in. Unconscious programming for good, if you will.

I love it because it is a beautiful message wrapped in seeming irreverence.

It also reminds me of Dead Poet’s Society. One of the movies that has lingered in my soul for many, many years. One of Robin William’s finest.

Today I am seizing the day by having two beautiful, open, honest conversations with people I love. By taking an hour out to stroll along downtown Rapid City and visit small shops I love. By preparing for my drive to Utah tomorrow, so that I can enjoy the company of friends. By being as fully present as I know how.

How are you carpe-ing your fuckin’ diem?

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