Where Do You Want to Be?


All my life I’ve known travel and movement. As an Army brat and with the kind of relationship my parents had, wanderlust was infused into my bones. That gave me a gift of freedom. Freedom from the fear of picking up and moving. Both physically and mentally.

If there was someplace I wanted to go – or something I needed to adapt to, I knew I could do it.

When I was 18, I took my first solo road trip. I drove 2003 miles from New Mexico to Pennsylvania to spend Christmas with someone that I was falling in love with. I didn’t tell my parents. Some of my friends knew. Hell, one of them bought some old computer parts from me so I would have gas money. (Thank you, Jay.) I also sold a dirt bike that I had been riding around that summer. I just knew that I had to go there.

There have been a few times like that throughout my life. Each time there was a significant shift. The move was the result of something deeper shifting. Intuition and desire.

I knew I had to move to PA. That gave me more opportunities than I ever dreamed of.

I knew I had to go to Mongolia. That cracked the darkness and saved my life.

I knew I had to move out of PA. That allowed me to know and understand myself.

I knew I had to go to Utah. That gave me a community of loving friends.

I knew I had to come here to LA. We’ll see what this brings.

This is different from running away from things. You know the old saying, “No matter where you go, there you are.” No – this is a move toward something. Sometimes you know what it is. A job. A lover. Sometimes you don’t.

Now I find that I still travel a lot. It’s part of my nature. There is a significant shift, though. When I’m someplace, I’m not pining away for the next place I get to go. Instead, I find myself more present. Fully here. Taking in and enjoying the space I inhabit.

Just before writing this, I sat atop the Shangri-La hotel in Santa Monica, CA and watched a stunning sunset. I know I’m only here for a couple of days. Important days of creating a vision of the future and seeing some of my oldest friends.

Only 2 days. There’s no where else in the world I would rather be.

Where do you want to be? One is one little step you can take now?

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