Gratitude and Hope to Haiti


A couple years ago, I joined my friends on a trip to Haiti in order to help fund the building of a village and to understand what the families and children there are going through.

We visited orphanages and a village that we helped fund to get built. Along the way, I was filled with gratitude, both for all that I have in life and for those who are willing to give in order to help others.

There I met Scott Bonnell, who runs the charity Hope To Haiti. He’s an incredible man with a large heart. He is making a difference and I am honored to support the mission.

I just bought a pack of holiday cards from Hope to Haiti, both to send love to those I care about these holidays and to help fund a new school bus for the orphans in Haiti.

I believe in their mission and love the product.

If you want to support a worthwhile mission and also get beautiful, unique cards to send to your loved ones, check this out:

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