A Firm Believer in the People


“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.” —Abraham Lincoln

While I was out on a self-date in Rapid City, I read this coaster and it struck a chord.

I believe much the same. In our hearts, we want to do the right thing. Sometimes we don’t know what that is. Sometimes we are distracted and confused. Sometimes we compartmentalize what is painful. Sometimes we deceive ourselves. Sometimes we allow others to deceive us. Sometimes we don’t believe we are capable of fully facing the truth.

I have lived through each of these.

Truth is fascinating. Sometimes it is scary.

My eyes have been opened wider than ever before. I can see more clearly than ever before. I’m learning to see more and more.

Some of this was harsh, such as unconscious patterns that were pushing away others. Patterns that were hurting both of us.

Some of this was beautiful, such as the deep, visceral knowledge that I (and we) have inherent value that does not need to be constantly affirmed and can not be taken away. That I (and we) are whole, even as we are imperfect. That wholeness does not require perfection and perfection does not bring with it wholeness.

That I’ve been avoiding some difficult realities that need to be addressed. That I’ve been playing small. Unconsciously making myself small, rather than speaking loudly, clearly and allowing myself to be truly seen.

Given the truth, I (and we) can now take the steps to right the ship. To sail forward on a more rewarding journey. It’s not always easy; it is worth it.

And I believe the same for people as a whole. People of this nation. People of other nations. People of our world. We are capable of making good choices that are inherently right. Looking beyond the quick fix & immediate gratification to help us all design and mold a world that is fair to all living things. (I have specific views on fairness, and will save that for another time.)

Seeking truth is our responsibility. One that we can’t afford put onto others. It informs all that we do.

Seek truth, my friends.

P.S. With some research, I don’t believe Lincoln said the “…and beer” bit. If you find otherwise, let us know.

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