What We Need Will Not Pass Us By.


This thought came to mind today in a key moment.

I’ve been pondering an opportunity today. Whether I want it, what to do to get it, whether I’ll go all-in and get out-bid, whether it’s a good financial choice and such. Basically, brain circles.

In the end I decided to use this as an exercise. I know I want this and believe the time is right. Can I go all-in, give a mutually beneficial bid and also detach myself from the outcome. To allow it to work out if it is indeed right. To allow it to go if it simply isn’t. All without suffering.

Then the Brain Circle became, what if I try to do that and fail? Literally, no one in the world would know, except me. Yet there was this small voice. A voice of failure.

Then another voice spoke up and worried about what if I miss this opportunity. Or, what if I miss this lesson. A voice of scarcity.

So, I took some time to meditate in a hot tub. To clear my mind. To enjoy the sensations. To enjoy the moment.

Then this quote bubbled up in my mind (pun intended). It’s from a guided meditation I did a few days ago. (I believe the meditation was by Heidi Hanna via the Insight App.)

Something clicked. Beyond the worried voices, a part of me realizes that the thing we need will not pass us by. We may accelerate it. We may delay it. It may come in a different form. What we, and the unconscious, needs will eventually become. Become seen. Become integrated.

At that point, my worries faded. Resistance faded. It became easier to surrender into the experience. To know what I want. To go all in. To let go of the need to control the outcome.

To trust.

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