You are Forgiven


You are Forgiven. For that time you took advantage.

For that time you hurt. For that time you forgot.

For understandably believing you were right.

For that time you were right. For that time you were wrong.

For getting lost. For fearing.For choosing yourself.

For choosing yours. For ignoring. For distracting.

For failing. For not trying. For not knowing.

For knowing and not caring. For pretending not to care.

For putting the armor on. For forgetting to take it off.

For not being you. For being someone else. For not realizing you were.

For worrying. For choosing others over yourself. For choosing yourself over others. For choosing ME over US.

For hurting me. Even when you didn’t realize it. For the things that only happened in imagination.

You are Forgiven. For everything.

Feel that lightness.

Now forgive yourself. For all that you have done, real or imagined.

Step forward knowing you are free.

What will you choose now?

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