ASK: Honesty

ASK: Honesty

I ask for your help. If any of these are yes and it has affected our relationship, the greatest honor you could pay me would be answering these honestly and bringing it to my attention so we can resolve and move forward more clearly.

Have I been dishonest about something?

Have I avoided taking responsibility for something?

Have I been unclear or ambiguous about something?

These questions came up as I read a dear friend’s account of how a single person’s inability to face the truth had rippling effects on their family relationships, and their relationships, and their relationships and so on. For decades.

We all deserve better.

I embrace the ideal of being honest and open. I also don’t always live up to that ideal. I am not perfect. I also want to grow and continually evolve. To do that, we need open, honest, caring feedback — even on matters that we may not feel comfortable facing.

This is why I’m asking this question. You would honor me by answering it honestly and directly, with care in your heart.

You are welcome to comment below if you want to work through it publicly. You are welcome to send me a message if you want to work through it privately. (DM me on Twitter – @chrisplough or any other place we are connected. Bear in mind that I don't check every site every day, so please be patient with me.)

This is a sincere request and you will not offend or hurt me. This will only help.

Thank you for your honestly, your courage and your care.

Thank you to everyone who reached out privately and publicly. You are appreciated.

This is an open invitation. If you ever feel that I have wronged you, or witness me not being honest, I request your help. Bring it to my attention so that I can look at it, understand, gain perspective and grow. If you want, I will do my best to do the same for you.

Big Love!


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