When was the Seed Planted?

I found this photo from when I was a few years old. I don’t remember exactly what happened, though I imagine my step-father put me on one of the enduros.

The fascinating thing is that I never remembered this moment, yet I have a love of motorcycles (especially vintage dirt bikes) and wear a helmet almost identical to the one in this photo.

Looking at it, I can literally feel that seed of passion being planted. Funny enough, I unconsciously did almost the exact same thing with my nephews earlier this year. Putting them on the bike that Mike and I raced at the Bonneville Salt Flats. I saw the same spark light in them.

Some seeds grow passions. Some seeds grow worries. Some open up a new pathway in the forest. Some close one up with thorns and stickers.

What is a passion you have today? When and how was that seed planted? Who are you grateful to for that?

What is a worry that you have today? When was that seed planted? Who can you forgive to release it?