Quadrants of Life --CP circa ~1994

Of all the quadrants of life, none is more confounding than the one which encompasses yourself…
–CP circa ~1994

This was me attempting to express what I felt (and to sound profound) back in high school. Each day when entering theatre class, I would draw on the board. Most days included a hidden word gram (can you see the words hidden in this one?) and an off-the-cuff quote.

As stated in that Steve Jobs quote about connecting the dots, “…you can only connect them looking backwards.”

Looking back on this now, I am both amused and amazed. Amused because I remember how much I thought I understood and didn't. Amazed by how much I did intuitively understand, which took years to rediscover.

If I could whisper anything into 17-year-old Chris' ear, it would be, “The road won't be easy. It will be fucking worth it. If I can offer you any advice, it will be this. Life will take you to the edge many times. You will grow in crucial ways. Each time you find yourself there, take a breath and take in that breath-taking view. Allow it to sink in. Then step forward. And ask for help when you need it.”

Today's challenge: Find a photo from your past that you haven't seen in years. A photo of either you or something you created. What do you feel when looking at it? What amuses you? What amazes you? What would you say to your beautiful younger self?