Why Do Matt and I Take People on Adventures?


When I was 33, I went on a genuine adventure after hitting rock bottom. Two friends and I drove an ambulance 10,000 miles to Mongolia. That became the inflection point that eventually led to a better and more fulfilling life.

Neither the adventure, nor the path afterward were easy. They were, however, worth it.

That adventure gave me perspective. Helping me remember my strength and resilience. Helping me trust a path when I can’t see through the darkness. Helping me see myself.

I do this to give others that same opportunity. The opportunity of an inflection point. The opportunity to experience their own strength and resilience. The opportunity to trust themselves. The opportunity to see themselves.

That is why I do it.

I can’t speak for Matt, though I can share what I see and feel. Matt is most alive when he’s creating these types of experiences. It’s like being near the happiest kid in the sandbox, who is creating this incredible world and invites you in to enjoy it. It’s the truest expression of him that I’ve seen. He is the person I trust most in this world to create a challenging space for us to grow within.

Together, Matt and I create lifetime experiences. Ones that we will remember and laugh about in the good times. Ones that we will draw upon in the hard times. Ones that we will cherish when our end draws near.

This year we’re launching new adventures in Bhutan and Mongolia. We have planned, tested and refined them over the last year.

My eyes and ears are open for those who are ready for, and who need these experiences. I take the responsibility of curating intimate groups who can grow together seriously.

My ask of you: if your gut tells you of someone who may need this, let them know about it. If they feel the same and reach out, we’ll take if from there.

The new adventures are listed here. Details are intentionally vague, as it’s part of the experience.


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