I have spent most of my life as a utilitarian.

Viewing the world through pragmatic eyes. Mostly.

In this way, I have lived life in service of the logical mind.

Today I woke up in this space. Appreciating the beauty of it.

Beauty isn’t perfect. Sometimes it is made by man. Sometimes it is made by nature.

Sometimes it is formed by forces beyond our comprehension.

Beauty is transcendent. Beauty conveys a feeling.

Beyond language. Beyond words.

Beauty exists in perception.

Beauty nourishes. Beauty is a doorway.

A profound sense of beauty overwhelmed me.

The pass of a mountain that I have been climbing for a while.

To realize that life is not in service of the mind. Nor the heart. Nor the body.

Mind, heart and body are in service of life. Maybe that is the soul.

Along with it, a desire to keep exploring.

The world. The mind. The heart.


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