THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION You can ask your parents and grandparents

Last night I saw my Gma G for the first time in years. I was both nervous and excited to see her. She's in a nursing home and, fortunately, getting ready to move back out after her recovery. We spent an incredible evening together talking.

Around 7, I was compelled to ask, “Gma, what is the story of your life?” I'm not even sure where the question came from.

She then began to share her life, from a little kid – including beautiful moments and horrible struggles. I learned things about her and my gpa that I had never known. I felt her open up and was grateful to be there with her. We'll always remember that evening.

This morning, I'm headed to my Gpa G's grave to talk with and honor a great man.

My question to you: what will you learn when you ask someone you care about this simple question and truly listen? “What is the story of your life?”

PS – This photo is of the Missouri River this morning. They lived along it for many years and we all have incredible memories of summers spent there.