Thank You for Your Care


Over the past days, friends have reached out. Some wondering what’s going on. Some concerned. All caring.

Some of us are wired to deal with pain, trauma and transformation in solitude. I believed this is how I would always be. When these shifting times came, I would isolate. So I could hear the inner voice more clearly. So I wouldn’t have to be vulnerable in front of others. So I wouldn’t have to feel weak.

That too is shifting and these posts are a result of that. Of Art. A true expression of what is happening NOW without the need to make it pretty or perfect or comfortable.

As the voice has become louder and clearer, solitude is less necessary. As we realize that vulnerability creates spider-silk bonds that are stronger than we could ever be alone, isolation is less necessary.

There will be times we head off into nature to quiet our world. There will be times we talk with friends to be comforted. There will be times we seek mentors and guidance. There is no single way. The right path at the right time.

I am committed to this path. Of shedding unnecessary layers. Of embracing the rawness of truth. Of subverting social media for our good, rather than their profit.

I am well. These are not a cry for help, rather an expression of the moment. An attempt to cut through the bullshit and allow us all to see that we are not alone. Not during the highest highs or the lowest lows. We are connected regardless of how we feel, what beliefs we have or what we have done.

Thank you for your care and love. May you feel the same support.

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