Play – Create – Now


I have something to admit.

I… have a superpower.

In fact, it’s one that I suspect many of us have.

Like a perverse alchemist…

I can turn nearly anything into Work.

Take right now, for example. I’m currently flying across the country, toward the British Virgin Islands. It’s a last-minute invite to Necker Island. I get to stay there for a week with some of my best friends.

Before I move on — yes, I live a beautiful life. This life is the result of conscious choices, hard work and the grace of fortune. This life is my greatest work of art. I am grateful.

Now – back to our story.

My first reaction when I was given the opportunity was, “I can’t do that. These are my writing weeks.” And yet something in my gut said that going was a very good idea. I felt excited.

So then, I began to rationalize. “Well – if I am going to spend a week there, I will make it worth it. I can read. I can plan. I can strategize. I can write.” In essence – I can work so that the trip is Worth It.

And yet, this trip reminds me of when I chose to spend a bunch of money and attend Tim Ferriss’ Open the Kimono event 9 years ago. I just knew it was right to go. Since I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t have any expectations. I showed up. I was me. I met people who would change the direction of my life. I changed the direction of some people’s lives.

That is what this feels like. One of those experiences where if I choose to go in open, empty and present – that I will benefit more than if I am filled with an agenda.

Those of you who know me – there often seem to be two Ploughs. One who is deep, engaging and always “on”. The other who is playful, silly, funny and doesn’t take the world to seriously.

They are both me. In fact, I am both of them and more.

Rather than being one or the other, I’m learning that they can co-exist. I can be present, playful, deep and yet not take the world too seriously. I can consciously choose “And” rather than “or”.

So I wrote this the other day as a reminder.

Play. Remember to be playful and have fun, whatever I’m doing. Work and Play are not mutually exclusive. There are many times that I have playfully enjoyed work. It’s a mindset.

Create. At my core I am an artist. A creator. I believe all of us are, to some degree. I can often consume more than I create. (ESPECIALLY with Netflix binges!) Each day, I consciously create as a way to crystalize and share the wisdom I’ve gained throughout this life. Sometimes that’s a simple as creating a moment of joy for myself and others. Sometimes it’s writing a post like this.

Now. All that exists is now. We remember the past. We envision the future. Neither are fully real. Now is real. (Well, actually – even now may not be real, but it’s real-er. Another hole to explore another day.) If nothing else, life on this planet, in this form, is finite. Tomorrow wastes time. Now embraces it.

Play – Create – Now

Notice how these words are not separated by periods. That’s because they are not separate. One flows into the other. Being playful allows easier creation. Being present makes it easier to be playful. Creating brings both together.

Play – Create – Now

For the next week. Possibly longer, this is my mantra.

What is yours?

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