GSD Schedule – v1.00

This is the initial public release of my Get-Shit-Done Schedule. This isn't my everyday schedule, but instead is how I aim to structure 3-4 days of my week in order to accomplish my goals and gain the space (i.e. freedom) to take advantage of unique opportunities when they come along.

Look – I'm fortunate to have earned a place in life where I can set my own schedule. You may not have the same freedom – I realize that. You can, however, use the same principles. Maybe you use it for the part of your day that you can control. Maybe you use it for only one day a week. The beauty of a system like this is that it acts like a wedge and continues to give you space as you pound it further and further in. As you become more effective, you have more time. More time to accomplish, to reflect, to enjoy with friends and family, to spend with your kids.

Knowing me, you also realize a potential hypocrisy. I'm the first to question and push back against outside authority. For much of my life, I've rebelled against systems, structures and directives in general. I've pushed HARD against discipline and yet I've been successful. The truth is, though – I've been successful in spite of my distaste for discipline. Instead of being effective – I've thrown massive amounts of time and energy at mountains of work to break them down. That's changing. I will be both effective and hard working – not just the latter.

Going deeper – one of the reasons for my behavior is that it keeps me busy. So busy, in fact, that I often feel behind and “don't have time” to do things that I really should. Don't have time to socialize as much as I could (and thus keep myself isolated). Don't have time to write as much as I want (and thus keep my ideas to myself). Don't have time to date (and thus keep my love to myself). All of this is very selfish behavior and not at all in line with my Tenets. That's why I'm starting this now – so that as 2016 rolls around, I'm disciplined, efficient and have the freedom to do take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

This quote embodies what I aim to achieve:

“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.”
–Jim Rohn

I encourage you to make your own version – and you're welcome to use mine as a starting point. You can get the daily template that I used here: Daily Planner Template

I will continue to revise based on what seems to work and I'm trying to achieve. I also realize that I crave novelty – so I'm sure to mix it up, just to keep it feeling fresh. You can always find the latest version here: My GetShitDone Schedule

You can find older versions and other strategies for executing here: GetShitDone

Lastly – I think a lot about systems and aim to document them in a way that is useful to you. Here's where you can find what I've shared: My Systems

v1.00 – 20151116

My Goal:
  • To work efficiently and with discipline 3-4 days a week, so that I can accomplish my Mission and my Goals have the freedom to enjoy this amazing life.



  • Sleep – pretty self explanatory. I aim for 7-8 hours each night.
  • Morning Rituals – taking care of myself before I face the day.
    • Meditate – right now I'm using Headspace, but am considering TM.
    • Journal – using the Five Minute Journal.
    • Exercise – 15 minutes of bodyweight and kettlebell work to get the blood flowing
    • Eat – a protein shake (30-50g of protein) and some tea with MCT oil and butter.
    • Read – 30 minutes of reading to stimulate the mind
    • Connect – reach out to someone I care about
  • Priorities – I put my 2 most important tasks early in the day, so that by noon I feel the day is a success.
    • This also helps avoid the procrastination that I'm prone to.
  • Comms
    • I split this up into two defined hours of the day – to keep me from checking email all day long.
    • As I catch up, I will reduce this to two 1/2 hour segments of the day.
  • Exercise
    • I have specific goals that I'm after in terms of body composition, endurance and lifting.
    • I'm currently exercising 3 times a day:
      • Morning workout: light and just to get the heart going.
      • Lunch workout: medium – usually a bike ride – to clear my mind.
      • Evening workout: heavy – lifting or jiujitsu – 4-5 days a week.
    • To keep tabs on overtraining, I'm doing HRV (heart rate variability) tests each morning and listening to my body.
      • When I need it, I give my body time to recover.
      • I also use my float tank to air in recovery.
  • Non-thinking actions
    • There's a lot of backlog work I need to get done which doesn't require tons of brainpower. I save this for the afternoons, when my energy normally lags. As I catch up on my backlog, I'll begin using this time for walks, interviews and research.
    • Examples:
      • Physical work: hanging stuff, improving the recording studio, building frames and hanging art.
      • Organizing: the biggest item right now is to organize the media (10+ TB) from the adventures I've been on over the last few years.
      • General to-do list items.
  • Relationships
    • This is a big focus for me in the coming year – especially romantic and intimate relationships.
  • Social
    • Hanging out with friends.
    • Going out with the boys.
    • Dating.
    • Exploring Austin and having a good time.