Goals for 2016 – v1.01

Now that January 1 has rolled around, I'm reviewing this year's goals to make sure they're aligned with the life I want to live and what I aim to accomplish. I tweaked this version by clarifying what I want to accomplish in each area of life. I also had to add rock climbing after the fun I had over the holidays.

These are aligned with my Vision and my Mission, as laid out in my Tenets.

This quote embodies what I aim to achieve:

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”
–Tony Robbins

I encourage you to make your own version – and you're welcome to use mine as a starting point.

I will continue to revise based on what where I'm making traction and what the fortune brings my way. You can always find the latest version here: My Goals

Lastly – I think a lot about systems and aim to document them in a way that is useful to you. Here's where you can find what I've shared: My Systems

v1.01 – 20160101

  • To share the lessons I've learned and begin to improve the world.


  • Daily
  •  Health
    • Mental
      • Focus more on living than analyzing (oh – the humor of putting this in my goals post…) and work through self-sabotaging behaviors.
        • Take 2 personal development retreats (January and July).
        • Meditate daily.
    • Physical
      • Keep my body in great, sustainable shape so that I can continue to have fun and remain active for many years.
        •  Diet
          • Eat clean 80% of the time.
        • Body
          • Reach 9% BF.
          • Build up to 190 lbs.
        • Lifting
          • Benchpress 250 lbs.
          • Squat 350 lbs.
          • Deadlift 400 lbs.
        • Mobility
          • Make yoga a regular, weekly practice.
        • Sports / Fun
          • Compete in jiu jitsu.
          • Learn to rock climb.
          • Extend my biking sessions.
          • Take dancing lessons (tango and western).
    • Spiritual
      • Explore the infinite.
        • Attend an ayahuasca ceremony.
  • Relationships
    • Develop deeper relationships with the people I care about and cultivate intimate relationships.
      • Core
        • Focus on the 13 people I resonate most with, want to learn from and can share my wisdom with.
        • Spend time with my sister and grandmothers.
      •  Social
        • Have dinner or outings with 2+ friends at least once a week.
        • Throw one party every quarter.
        • Attend Charlie Hoehn's Recess when in Austin
        • Try out improv class.
      • Dating
        • Go on 2 dates each week when not traveling.
  • Skills
    • To develop the core skills I need to share my knowledge and affect the world.
      • Storytelling.
        • Share a story each day.
      • Interviewing.
        • Interview one person each week.
      • Teaching / Guiding
        • Create a program to help people learn to share their story and connect with others.
        • Lead masterminds whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  • Business
    • Share my knowledge in a way that multiplies effects while preserving my time and freedom.
      • Advise 3 companies that are making a difference in human connection or personal achievement.
  • Bonus Round (optional, but desired)
    • Begin speaking regularly.
    • Write my first book.