1996 – Essay: About Me

(Before you ask – yes, that is me from around 1996. Maybe a year before…)

I believe this was for a grant so I would be able to afford moving to Pennsylvania (for love) and going to Penn State. I'm pretty sure I received that grant, though their criteria of why I received it may have simply been that I was “from New Mexico”. On second thought, it may have been a grant for ethnic diversity — which makes it all that much stranger that I received it.

My diverse interests and skills shone through even at an early age. In the years since, I've only become more eclectic.

About Me

Hi! Pleased to meet you! I'm Chris. Well, I guess you would like to know a bit about me, so let me think of
where to start… I guess I'm what would be called a ‘Diverse Person‘. By that I mean that I have many interests and likings that are not always inter-related with one another. For instance, academically I am strongly compelled to learn about both programming and the inner workings of computers, yet I also have interests and curiosities in psychology and law. For fun, I like to do anything from enjoying the company of friends to working on old cars to spending hours at a time in a quiet library. Musically, I am inclined to listen to good old Rock and Roll, yet at times I greatly enjoy the melodies of Mozart and Gregorian Chants.

Sometimes this ‘hard-wired' diversity of mine comes in very handy when I'm trying to work out a problem. I use it to look at the problems from many angles and in different situations, and thus make them easier to solve and relate into my own experience. I have done this both for academic problems, problems at work (I am a welder/construction assistant), and in my own personal life.

I don't mean to say that I'm different than most people; I enjoy many of the same things they do: the smell
of rain, the sounds of a calm forest, the beauty of Gothic buildings, the comfort of an overstuffed chair, and the satisfaction of succeeding.

Hmm, well this is a little of who I am. Hopefully we will get to share more in the future. Till then…