1994 – Essay: Quotes

I believe this was an essay for a college application. Which one, I really couldn't say. These quotes still resonate with me today. A hint at the thread that connects us to the person we were 20 years ago. It also tells me that the 17 year old version of myself could have used a wee bit o' therapy…

I'm pretty sure Carpe Diem was inspired by Dead Poets Society. I also like how my teacher called me “preachy”. She wasn't wrong.

Essay B

Name three quotes that are important to you and explain why.

”[K]arpe Diem” is the meaning of life. Life wasn't made to be wasted away wishing one could do something or by living in the past. lt must be grabbed with both hands, smelt and savored as if it were ambrosia. Life can be both good and evil, so one must be prepared to accept either. I feel that these words sum up all of life's advice into a small heat package that should be constantly opened in everyone’s mind.
If one were to follow this advice and live life to the fullest, then a lot of the problems that plague this world could be stopped. There would be no depression, suicide, regret, or fear of failure. Man could rise above the constraints of society and stand atop a fruited plain. When man is tired of being commanded by society, he will achieve this goal.

“Life is but a play and we are but actors.” Everyone is hiding their true selves for fear of rejection. Most people realize that they are not who they seem to be on the outside, but very few are willing to break down their “wall” and expose their innocence to the world. I believe that society may be a divine theatrical act that has been played over an over for centuries. We must do something different in order to rid ourselves of problems such as prejudice, ignorance, corruption, and injustice. lf we can change the “script”, we shall see a brighter future. The best way to accomplish this is to educate people, especially the young.

“I am my own parasite.” We are our own worst enemy. It is ourselves that determine whether we succeed or fail. If a person is determined that he\she is to succeed, then one way or another that person will. The opposite is also true; we can damn ourselves to eternal failure. The best policy is usually to hope for the best, but be aware that failure is possible.

“our knowledge is a small island in a great ocean of non-knowledge.