Xpill Experience

These are the intentions I've set while experimenting with the Xpill experience – after being shown it during the Maverick Summit in Hawaii.


  • By drinking this liquid, I fully accept and feel the love that is given to me.
  • By taking these pills, I allow myself to be fully seen.
  • By taking this pill (rock), I fully accept my masculine and sexual desires and allow them to be freely expressed.


  • By taking this pill (rock) I commit to finishing my book by the end of Q1 and allowing it to fucking positively shape people's lives and to fully receiving the financial freedom that this provides me.


  • By taking this x-pill I understand the relationship that my significant other and partner-in-crime and I will have. She will join me in Eleuthera on March 12th, 2017 and we will continue our incredible journey.