Tenets – v1.04

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This is the next revision my tenets – the core code I strive to live by. I'm not always successful – but overall getting clarity on these is helping me make better decisions with less effort.

The revisions in this version came from reading the introduction to Mate: Become the Man Women Want by Tucker Max. Reading through the 5 Principles of Mating Success, several of them resonated with me – such as making decisions based on data and seeking win-win solutions.

The beauty of these Tenets is that they can continually evolve based on experiences and encounters throughout life – whether reading a book or having a profound conversation.

This quote also hit home with what I aim to achieve:

“When you first start to study a field, it seems like you have to memorize a zillion things. You don't. What you need is to identify the core principles — generally three to twelve of them — that govern the field. The million things you thought you had to memorize are simply various combinations of the core principles.”
–John Reed

I encourage you to make your own version – and you're welcome to use mine as a starting point.

I will continue to refine until they are clear and concrete. You can always find the latest version here: My Tenets

You can find older versions and see how they've evolved here: Older versions of my Tenets

Lastly – I think a lot about systems and aim to document them in a way that is useful to you. Here's where you can find what I've shared: My Systems

v1.04 – 20151116

My Vision:
  • To bring people closer by promoting a world where we are all connected, following our unique path and achieving our peak performance.
My Mission:
  • To continually learn and expand my potential.
  • To deepen connections with others.
  • To create, learn and share intimate stories to help others connect.
The Core Tenets I seek to live by:
  • Value Self.
    • I love myself, am worthy and seek only my own approval.
    • I take care of my health – physically, mentally and spiritually.
    • I stand by my integrity to do what is right and play the long game.
    • I set boundaries, am not afraid of conflict or to question outside authority.
    • I take responsibility for getting my needs met, including asking for help.
  • Connect.
    • I surround myself with worthy and inspiring companions.
    • I empathize and seek to understand the other side of the story while playing to win-win.
    • I am honest, clear and expressive of my feelings and do not push others away when I am fearful.
  • Explore.
    • I continue to learn and explore with the beginner’s mind.
    • I strive to operate outside my comfort zones and forgive myself when I fail.
    • I lean into the uncomfortable fear that accompanies growth.
  • Guide.
    • I am a leader who provides for and protects those I care for, when appropriate.
    • I share my knowledge, wisdom and emotions to illuminate the path for others.
    • I hold others up to the light of their potential.
  • Act.
    • Act from a place of love, not fear or anger.
    • Move now, do faster, be direct.
    • Discipline = Freedom. Leverage it to accomplish my goals.
    • When in doubt – if it will make a good story, and I expect to come back alive – do it.

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